Unbreak My Heart by Melissa C. Walker

Unbreak My Heart - Melissa C. Walker

How am I supposed to start this?
I just want to point out something that annoyed me before I gush and fangirl and talk about the deliciousness of this summer love novel. 

I get that we all get my mad. We all get angry with ourselves at one point for doing something we didn't expect we'd do. We disappoint people and you can't help but hate yourself... a lot. This is how Clementine feels, the girl with amazing friends and a best friend that just completes her -- that is, until Ethan comes along. She did something that caused her friendship and she beats herself up about it. 

But I hate how she has an excuse for the things she says or does when she lashes out on her family. I have problems when people are mad and others try so hard to make them feel better and the person who's hurt starts yelling at the other person for no reason then tells them some petty excuse. Clementine does this a lot and all the time she makes some excuse I think, 'You should not have done what you did when you knew it was wrong. Stop making excuses for yourself. Take responsibility.' Yes, sometimes we just can't help it and control ourselves, we're all imperfect humans so it happens, which is the reason why I wasn't going to put the book down.

Okay, now that my point has been crossed... OHMYGOD THIS BOOK WAS SO ADORABLY CUTE. It gave me this feeling like I got from reading Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. I love the sea, I love romance, and I love boats, so after reading the description I just had to get my hands on this. It has what we need, including humour. I hate that it ended! WHY DID THIS BOOK HAVE TO BE 231 PAGES, WALKER!? I will never forgive you for that.

I really hate saying 'Clem' because it makes me think about a part from our body *cringes*, so I have to write 'Clementine'. After the terrible-awful thing Clementine has done, she sets sail with her little sister, Olive; as well as her mother and father. If Clementine still had her friends, she would have done anything to stay at home and spend her summer with them, but she is forced to aboard The Possibility because she has nothing else to do and wants to 'find' herself. On her journey, she meets James, a boy who sailing the same route as she is. He's always smiling, always energetic and Clementine's depression is lifted a little bit. Little does she know, James has a story that needs to be told, too. 

It's so hard for me to write this review without spoiling anything. Just read it, please.Unbreak my heart is the story of true friendship and love. 

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The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

The False Prince (The Ascendance Trilogy #1) - Jennifer A. Nielsen

I cannot tell y'all how many times I checked The False Prince out from my library only to have return it. (view spoiler) I don't know why I decided to check it out the other day when I knew I wasn't going to read it. Plot twist: I READ IT! And, my god, it was awesome. I opened The False Prince expecting to merely skim it but found myself awake in the middle of the night reading it. It was so hard for me to put it down... until I was finished. 

The False Prince gives us a promising story. Sage is completely awesome -- I loved his quick retorts, his braveness, and his honour (view spoiler). Sage is a 14 (15?) year old orphan pickpocket from Avenian but travelled to Carthya to live. Upon doing what he usually did (steal food, money, etc.), a nobleman from court, Conner, finds him and takes him (along with three other boys). His reason? To fool an entire kingdom that he has the king's long-lost son. The boys are taken to Conner's palace to be trained as a prince would. The boys have no choice but to stay unless, that is, they want to be killed.

Each of the boys has their own personality that I admired and I really like that (usually most YA novels I read the characters have the same boring personality). There's Roden: strong and boastful, he's doesn't know how to read, but he sure does know how to use a sword. Tobias: curious and smart. He's the only boy of the four who can read. Though he can read any book you give him, he certainly can't use any sword you hand him. Latamar: quiet and feeble. We don't learn much about him (view spoiler). Then there's Sage: defiant and cunning. He knows how to read a little; as well as know how to use a sword. He's a quick theif and knows how to slip in and out of the palace without anyone knowing he left. Each of the boys possess a quality the prince had, but only one can fool the entire kingdom.

The False Prince is a new novel with many twists and turns. It's wonderfully written and unique; I'm glad I decided to read this book. It's not like other YA literature we all get tired of reading (stupid whiny teenage girl meets badass new boy with creepy powers and falls in love). Though I had my share of foreshadowing (and ended up being right), I was still blown away by the story. I know you will enjoy this book; if not.... I'm going to keep my comments to myself. :)

EDIT NOVEMBER 23RD, 2012 Oh ho ho, I see what the publishers did there -- publishing The False Prince on April Fools when the story is about fooling an entire kingdom. Classic.

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